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Changing appearance..

I've discussed some changes in the core engine, and researched in platform-games in it state, and I've come to an answer.
Deadtile is going to change face from its little 526x272 resolution to a 800x600. Plus i will redraw some graphics for better ingame experience.

Also ive come to an end with my code/engine problem, and the result is: That I'll continue making Deadline in MMF2 till it is done. After that i will do C++ or C games.

On the top of everything

It is a bit cold up here..
I am not completely sure of what to choose..  i've searched the net, and found these interesting things:
  • OpenGL
  • SDL
  • SFML
  • What is the code?

    Thinking of which code to produce the final Deadline in?
    A member of the C-family?
    Continue in MMF2?
    Alternative languages, such as: Ruby or java?

    What is next?

    Now what is next?
    Till next time i will create a story for the campaign part. The first chapter in the campaign will be named "The story of Ethan"

    Write a story for the first chapter.

    Update to v0.1.1

    Now the time is 22:11 monday evening. And i have been optimizing the current version of the game (v0.1.0). I have made significant changes in the main engine, which raises the cv to (core version 0.1.1).
    And by adding new content to the campaing part, I raise it to v0.1.2

    Content that have been added:
    Optimizing - giving a more stable gameplay.
    A weapon system - now you can kill those zombies!
    3 different characters to choose.
    A few equipment - Night-Vision-Goggles.


    DEADTITLE is open!

    Heads up! Deadtitle is open!
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